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Why should I have a video on my website?

by Stephen Pearson

I recently came across a research paper that said a minute of video was worth a million words. That is the word equivalent of 20 novels. Well I don't believe that hyperbole but here are some reasons why you should have a video on your website:

Video content is expected to take up 78% of all internet traffic by 2018. You could dismiss this by saying this all entertainment but indicates a demand and and more importantly a capability to see video content. In other words if video isn't part of your marketing content you are missing prospective buyers that wants video.

This demand is just as much about business sales as consumer sales. Various reports confirm that key business purchasers look for video to start purchase evaluation, pass it onto colleagues and prefer it to brochures. As one client has said to me - brochures provide the technical specs but video sells.  

According to an IAB study 3 out of 4 marketers believe that video on the web will be as important as TV advertisng by 2019.

Google searches rate sites with video higher and sites with video have more engagement and viewers stay longer.

There are many more reasons why your business needs video. We can complete your program for a great price from idea to outcome. For a fraction of what the big guys pay we can put you ahead of them with creative and engagement content. Call us today 1300 257 208.


January 28, 2016
Category: News


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