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Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW use video to communicate their role and services

by stephen pearson

Representing waste management and recycling enterprises in NSW for over 65 years the Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association (‘WCRA’) undertakes critical tasks in representing this important sector to government authorities and the wider community. They also deliver a wide range of services for their members including training and industry relevant advice on matters such as awards and regulations.

The Association identified a need to explain their objectives and services to their members, prospective members, sponsors and the wider community in a short video.

AV Creative has worked with several WCRA members to promote their services, achieve better safety outcomes and induct contractors and staff more efficiently. We welcomed the opportunity to produce a video that introduced the Association.

The waste management sector has seen dynamic and continuous change throughout the history of the Association. WCRA has supported its members through this period of change and ensured that the sector is heard and represented. With an increased focus on the environment this sector is critical to delivering the best environmental outcomes for the community. Their members work with commercial clients as well as all levels of government.

WCRA and its members have been at the forefront of many initiatives that have achieved better sustainability outcomes through diversion from landfill and improved recycling solutions. 

WCRA are achieving some great outcomes with the video. Tony Khoury, Executive Director of WCRA, commented that, ‘‘although it is early days we are very happy with the program and it is assisting us with our work.’ He added that, ’AV Creative have set it up on our web site as well as produced DVD copies for distribution. It not only explains what we do and offer prospective members but it also enables us to introduce the Association to Government, the wider community and potential sponsors in a very effective way. In fact I have recently given a copy to the new NSW Minister for the Environment.’

AV Creative is an Associate member of the Association and looks forward to working with WCRA and the members to improve environmental outcomes.

The video can be seen here:


September 11, 2014
Category: News and Client stories


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