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Introducing Nondrill - Simple, effective and Australian made

by Stephen Pearson

Nondrill is an innovative new handrail solution system that attaches to existing lifting anchors on concrete structures. It works by screwing clockwise tight to the structure. Nondrill means that constructing fencing and handrails, a key requirement for safety on construction projects, can be quickly set up and taken down as needed. It avoids drilling and only requires a recess plug to be placed in position before the concrete pour on insitu or precast structures. Nondrill can also become a permanent handrail.

AV Creative filmed Paul Breen, Managing Director and Founder, demonstrating the solution. We were able to show how the solution installs and can be uninstalled in seconds. Highlights include the filming a unique strength test - you have to see the video and see how it stands up and delivers. Paul only had one available on the day - so we had to get it right.

See the video here or go to their website www.nondrill.com.au

The Nondrill solution offers significant cost, safety and time savings over existing approaches involving clamps and drilling. It also overcomes the potential damage that core drilling can cause with concrete cancer and avoids grouting required to repair concrete structures. 

Nondrill is a proudly Australian designed and made product. Paul is also the driving force behind Productivity Bootcamp helping young kids off welfare by training them in construction trades. It was a great pleasure to work with Paul and his Nondrill team.

You can see more about the Productivity Bootcamp initiative from this ABC story - click here.

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February 3, 2016
Category: News and Client stories


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